SKOAR! » Apex Legends has a hidden monster lurking in the map

Apex Legends has a hidden monster lurking in the map

There’s a secret monster hidden in Apex Legends that players have found after killing ten Nessy plushies in a specific order on the map.

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Apex Legends has already completed more than a week since its launch and yet the game is constantly in news due to some reason or the other. This time its the easter egg that no one could have expected so soon. There are around ten Nessy plushies scattered around the map. If the players happen to kill those Nessy plushies in a specific order then they would be in for a very special visit from the Loch Ness monster herself.

Players also happen to notice a special phrase  “A Nessy appears” in the kill feed whenever a Nessy is nearby. It appears as more of a clue or hint so that the player doesn’t overlook it. A dedicated Apex Legends subreddit covers just that. A Twitch streamer also captured what happens if the players kill all the ten Nessy plushies in the specified order. Below is the map displaying the locations of all 10 Nessy dolls on the map with the order in which they should be killed to summon the legendary sea monster.

The image itself was first posted by a Reddit user whose account is now mysteriously deleted. However, if you want more details on these head to this subreddit /r/nessysecrets. If you want to have a look at the Loch Ness Monster without having to complete this mission, check out this clip by Twitch user Hewchy. After the 10 Nessy kills, you can see a hazy shape of the legendary sea monster coming out of the water.

After the video surfaced and players started to notice the monster, lead designer and scripter Chad Grenier opened himself on Reddit saying, “I had a bet with our producer, Drew [McCoy], on how long it would take, I thought he was crazy when he said a week, turns out he was just about spot on at eight days! I figured a month at least. You are all unreal. I’d still like to see a good video clip of it when it’s not in the circle though. Guess I need to make the next one much harder.”

Apex Legends has been a massively successful game lately by a hitting a whopping 25 million player count within a week and 2 million concurrent players. With these many numbers of players playing over a week, it was quite justified that someone could soon notice this easter egg. Currently, there’s an Apex Legends tournament on Twitch where 48 top streamers on Twitch are competing for a prize pool of $100,000. Furthermore, Apex Legends also plans to introduce some Valentine’s cosmetic items.

Source: Gamespot


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