Apex Legends clocks 25 million players within a week of launch

February 13, 2019 — by Nikhil "Nagobai" Nagvekar0

Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment has garnered a level of attention which even PUBG or Fortnite couldn’t achieve in such a short span of time.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been continuously in talks past one week since its launch on Monday. The Battle Royale game developed by EA and backed Respawn Entertainment has apparently gathered a user base that no other Battle Royale game has ever touched in such a short duration. After its launch, Apex Legends had already touched a player count of 1 million within 8 hours of its launch. Further, the game had no stopping with 10 million players under the first 72 hours with concurrent player number clocking in at 1 million. Finally, Boom! Within the next four days, the game added up 15 million more players to reach 25 million in just a week with the number of concurrent players doubling to 2 million.

This kind of initial growth was certainly overwhelming for the guys at Respawn and it quite shows with the following tweets from @PlayApex.

Furthermore, Vince Zampella said, “What a week! Since we launched Apex Legends last week on Monday we’ve seen the creation of an Apex Legends community that is excited, thriving, and full of great feedback and ideas, our goal is to build this game with you, our community, so keep giving us your feedback because we really are listening.”  

There are some new upcoming events for the Apex Legends. Those include the Apex Legends Challenge sponsored by Twitch. The event is specifically for the 48 “biggest streamers” on Twitch who will compete against each other. This will definitely be a treat to watch the rising number of Apex Legends fans. The event takes place on February 12 and February 19. This event on Twitch is quite justifiable since Apex Legends currently has the highest number of viewership on Twitch which is more than double that of Fortnite’s viewership.

Additionally Apex Legends is also going to host a short Valentine’s day event with Valentine’s Day-themed loot on February 14. Furthermore, in March, there will be a Battle Pass available for Apex Legends players along with the start of Season One bringing in new playable characters, weapons, and loot over a three-month period.

Source: Gamespot



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