An actual Pokemon RPG is coming to the Switch!?

June 14, 2017 — by Prithvi "FattuFarmer" Sudhan0

Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president and CEO of the Pokemon Company, appeared in a 1-minute long video at Nintendo’s presentation at E3 this year. He talked about Pokken Tournament Deluxe and especially emphasised the fact that two people could play on one console when on the go. That’s pretty darn cool in our opinion. Just when we thought that it was just a routine video, he casually drops news of a new Pokemon RPG game near the end.

A Pokemon RPG is coming to the Switch, in perhaps little more than a year. That’s all anyone knows for now and that’s still worth getting excited about. A home console hasn’t had a proper Pokemon game in like, ever. Imagine playing Pokemon, but on a huge TV screen, and the graphics and everything is optimised for it.

Pokemon RPG

Of course we still don’t know literally anything about it and it would (slightly) rain on our parade if Nintendo just releases Sun and Moon again (For the third time essentially after Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) but with the year-long development time, we suspect that it’s a whole new game at the very least. Maybe even in a new region with new Pokemon! We’ll know more in the coming months. Perhaps even some gameplay at next E3? NINTENDO SENPAI PLEASE!



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