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July 26, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

It’s been said enough and more times but we might as well say it again, Pokémon is pretty much everywhere right now. It’s conquered the world. There’s pokémon everywhere, and we don’t mean just virtually. Everyone we know is playing or has at least attempted to play the game and it’s quite easy to spot people playing the game while commuting from place to place. Pokémon is love, pokémon is life. To some of us anyway.

Now if you’ve been online these past few weeks, that is, if you took a break from your pokémon hunting, you’re probably already aware of the plethora of tips, tricks and guides that have flooded the Internet. Faster way to hatch eggs, best locations to catch something, how to level up faster, and a whole bunch more along those lines. You would also have come across some rather unique incidents and some crazy stuff that happened to people while they happened to be playing Pokémon Go.

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Think of this as a recap, where we’ll mention recent Pokemon Go related incidents, even give you a tip or two, all within one article. Because honestly, it’s far more convenient to find everything in one place, right?

Pokémon on your smartwatch?

Without further ado, let’s begin with the tip. If you happen to own a smartwatch but never actually got around to using it for whatever be your reasons, well there’s finally a use for it now. With an app called the PokéDetector, you can basically use your smartwatch to play the game. It’ll alert you whenever there’s a pokémon nearby, and then you can proceed to pull out your phone. The pros of this is that you can walk around like a normal person and not have to be staring at your screen. The cons are that the app isn’t official. It uses unofficial Pokémon Go code, so there’s a chance that you might get banned. A neat workaround would be to use the smartwatch with a dummy or secondary account, and continue with your main account on your phone. Since the pokémon around you will pretty much be the same anyway.

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Pokémon Go at Comic-Con Diego

In other news, the 3 Pokémon GO Team Leaders were revealed at the Diego Comic-Con. Valor’s Candela, Mystic’s Blanche and Instinct’s Sparky. They also touched on some other things such as Pokéstop customization, Pokémon Centers, they even mentioned breeding. According to Niantic they’re only at about 10% of what they want the game to be. So there’s a lot more to come.

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The Pokémon Go panel went on to mention that legendaries would not be available till the game was released in all regions, which makes sense, it would be unfair otherwise. But some people don’t quite understand. After rumours that a legendary would be released during Niantic’s Pokémon Go panel spread around, it wasn’t surprising that a huge crowd gathered up around the building in hopes of being the first to get their hands on a legendary.



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