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September 2, 2016 — by Anusha "Trillian" Sinha0

NinjAwesome is a game about an awesome, tiny pixelated ninja that can jump higher than you thought and throw shuriken with great accuracy even in midair.

NinjAwesome is exactly what it says it is. A game about an awesome ninja. This tiny pixelated ninja can jump higher than you thought humanly possible and throw shuriken with surprising accuracy even in midair. Of course, the person in charge of this ninja’s movements is you. There are the standard two buttons, the left one to jump and the right one to throw shuriken or duck. The controls are precise and make it possible to dodge fireballs and jump up impossible platforms with equal ease.

Ninjawesome review

You can guide the ninja through his training by mastering five types of missions, assassination, infiltration, sabotage, espionage and wandering. The espionage mode has you collecting scrolls scattered through the platformer while the sabotage mode has you destroying bridges. About the other modes, well, you get the drift. The last mode is the zen mode which is the most relaxed of the lot.

What makes this game stellar is the quality of the graphics. The game evokes a sense of nostalgia for visually heavy games of yore while at the same time having the finesse of modern games. The levels and enemies are creatively designed and the lush landscapes keep changing. The backgrounds range from tranquil cherry blossom filled gardens and mountains stacked with towers to bamboo filled jungles and woods steeped in intrigue. The enemies vary from an anxiety ridden blue duck to zombies who apparently used to be farmers before their transformation. The soundtrack as well is a retro themed one, adding the final touch to an enjoyably arcadeish experience.

There is nothing very new about NinjAwesome. We have seen plenty of runners and we have seen plenty of games based around ninjas. However, NinjAwesome still stands out enough to merit your time and energy. And who knows, you might just get hooked on.

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NinjAwesome Review – Android & iOS
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