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February 6, 2018 — by Arnab "knidarius" Mukherjee0

Without getting into how well the game did, there’s no denying that For Honor did have most gamers’ interests piqued when it first came out. If you’ve wanted to get your hands on that game but have nothing more than a decent smartphone to play it on, Shadow Fight 3 might be a consolation prize for you – and an amazing one at that.

Shadow Fight 3

That being said, don’t expect a direct comparison, feature by feature with the same. Shadow Fight 3 keeps true to the mobile brawler genre but adds a level of complexity in the combat that you’ve come to expect from the Shadow Fight franchise. And talking of the franchise, for what started off as a 2D *Facebook game to have this level of impressive graphics, in terms of the setting and slick moves, itself is a feat worth applauding.

You start off in the story mode with some basic training, where you’d better pay attention or you’ll miss out crucial stuff about newer gameplay elements. Once that’s done, you’re free to pursue the main quest, the side quests (that are periodically refreshed) or brawl in PvP matches against other players. You’ll find yourself doing the latter two quite often just for the grind that is needed to actually be able to progress on the main story mode. The side missions are pretty interesting. They can range from fighting snakeheads (poison effect) to fighting invisible enemies. Most battles are evaluated as best of three fights.

The game brings a sense of realism that is quite rare in mobile fighting games. Your fighting style changes distinctly with the weapons you chose. For instance, a lancer would be pretty effective at damaging enemies at a distance but vulnerable up close. You don’t really get to know which weapon your opponent will be carrying so it is a matter of luck and the fighting style you’re comfortable with. The combat is quite realistic, while being really slick at the same time. Wait till you see a slo-mo critical head-shot with a flying kick or weapon attack – you’ll know what we mean. While we’ve had our hands on spears, dual swords, two handed swords and dual axes, enemies have even brandished a host of other weapons like metallic power gloves and sceptres. And even if you find yourself without a weapon (on specific missions or when they’ve been knocked out of your hand) you’ll find the hand-to-hand combat quite creative and engaging.

Winning is all about your timing. Spamming the attack buttons isn’t going to work all the time, especially with item specific shadow abilities in play – which is a nice nod to the game’s former aesthetic, by the way. And if you’re worried about the in-app purchases making this a pay-to-win game, let us tell you that we haven’t spent a single dime on the game and haven’t lost a single fight. You can pay to get more cards and open reward boxes faster and they might make the game a bit easier for you, considering the importance that the right equipment has here. But even if you don’t spend, the game does a pretty fair job of matching you up against equally capable opponents in the PvP mode. Even the story mode is quite interesting but it is truly the combat that is the star of this game. Give this a try and you’ll find yourself returning time and again to land those critical hits and oh-so-cool slo-mo combos in no time.

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Shadow Fight 3
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