Phase Spur game review – Android & iOS

September 14, 2017 — by Anusha "Trillian" Sinha0

Phase Spur is a different kind of puzzle game where you have to arrange a few blocks in a room so that no more than two ever occupy the same row or column, or diagonal. Why they want to stay apart and not huddle in one giant block party is a mystery. Perhaps they are introverts and prefer quiet one-on-one conversations to the pressure of a group setting.


Cosmo Race game review – Android & iOS

September 2, 2017 — by Anusha "Trillian" Sinha0

Race among 6 cosmonauts

Cosmo Race pits you against extraterrestrial track runners in suitably otherworldly locations. The tracks have you jumping around in low gravity environments. Each race has six cosmonauts in a wild scramble to assert their speed. Usain Bolt might have been the fastest man on Earth, but it is time to settle that debate for space!