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Mighty Battles game review – Android and iOS

Mighty Battles is simply Clash Royale in a third-person perspective, taking an already popular format and putting a fresh twist to bring out something new.

Mighty Battles is simply Clash Royale from a third-person perspective. It’s taking an already popular format and putting a fresh twist to bring out something new. The only problem is, we didn’t find that “something new”.

Mighty Battles

If you felt that you’ve developed a bond with your king in Clash Royale owing to the countless hours you’ve spent with him, then Mighty Battles puts you right in his shoes. You’re faced with another base right up front and just like Clash Royale, you’re going to dish out varied troops to destroy the enemy base or counter the troops that are coming your way. While the novelty does last for a while, we couldn’t the boredom that seeps in after a couple of hours. Clash Royale, with its top-down perspective, allows the player to play around with the precise positioning of troops. And that’s a very important aspect in Clash Royale. It’s something you learn as you rise through the ranks and something that provides a fresh feel to the game each time you discover a new meta. The possibility of doing the same in Might Battles is remote.

Moreover, the top-down perspective allows SuperCell to introduce new modes and features since the canvas is huge. While in Mighty Battles, most of the canvas is taken up for the arena with little space to introduce or make new features appear distinct. Speaking of artwork, that’s an aspect that Mighty Battles seems to have gotten right. And it also drags it down a bit. Casual games rely on a quick game load time, while each game in Mighty Battles loads up just fine, the first boot of the game takes way too long because of the heavy artwork.

Then comes the overhanded freemium system. Firstly, it takes too long to unlock various reward crates, secondly, you have the option of watching videos to reduce unlock times. That’s right, you pay the game with your eyeballs and get a puny reduction. Moreover, the costs of upgrading your units scale rather tremendously. All of these make the game rather tedious to play after a while. Clash Royale has a much shallower wait-time gradient which provides rewards on a consistent basis without appearing to be pay2win.

Mighty Battles can certainly do well and end up being a game that you want to come back to if it were to fix these glaring issues. We’d advise you to give this one a miss.

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Mighty Battles
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