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Like A Boss game review – Android and iOS

In Like A Boss, you play as the bad guy every hero faces at the end of the dungeon. You’re the boss battle. Hence, the name of the game. Like A Boss.

Like A Boss is an incredibly interesting concept, which is why we immediately gravitated towards it. There’s plenty of games out there where you play the hero and raid dungeons and get the best gear to equip your hero with. But how many games are out there where you play the bad guy?

Like A Boss

That’s exactly what Like A Boss lets you do. You play as the bad guy every hero faces at the end of the dungeon. You’re the boss battle. Hence, the name of the game. Like A Boss. Your job is to stop those pesky heroes from stealing your loot because think about it, whenever they’re doing a “raid”, they’re literally raiding your home and taking your stuff! You may have probably taken it from them first but that’s not the point!
The game greets you with a short tutorial teaching you how to play the game. It’s quite interactive and controlled quite smoothly even on our budget smartphones. However, our phones did start heating up pretty quick. This is a good looking game with neat pixel-graphics so it can be quite taxing. Especially on lower-end phones.

As we were slaughtering our way through the puny heroes in the tutorial and feeling incredibly OP, we soon found the tables turning and eventually lost to the heroes. Then we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could create our own boss, with a choice of class and race to boot. Noice. We, of course, went with dragon-kind. Pfft, no question.

Like A Boss

Here’s where the game begins resembling other games in the genre. You have energy which limits how much you can play and as you progress through levels the energy costs increase, but as you level up, so does your max energy cap. We didn’t really feel like the energy was limiting us too much at all, but then again, we haven’t reached an incredibly high level to know if it is actually restricting.
You can equip your boss with weapons and armour, which you have to craft first. Crafting is complex but is rather a system where you collect ‘n’ pieces of an equipment in order to craft it. The number needed gets higher and higher with each tier and you will find that the “raid” action is your best friend. This basically lets you use your energy to raid a level you’ve already cleared up to a total of 10 times in one go in order to acquire the equipment you want/need. We found that raiding right before we levelled up was a very efficient use of our energy as you’re immediately restored to full energy when you level up. You’ll be doing a lot of raiding so you might want to keep this in mind.

Other than that, you have the ability to join a guild/clan because what’s better than one boss, it’s two bosses! You have the ability to take someone along with you on your raids, and it’s quite helpful in the higher levels. Try picking a class that compliments the one you’ve picked. You can also request for equipment parts in the guild and members will be able to donate. But in order to do so they will need tickets, which can be acquired by participating in the guild raid, which is basically a megaraid that every member of the guild helps to progress. Everybody doesn’t participate together, you just slowly progress a bit one-by-one. Of course, there’s also achievements and daily rewards, and a chest that you can open every 7 hours, with the option to reduce an hour by watching an ad.

All-in-all, the innovative and idea and gameplay make Like A Boss a fun game to pick up.

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Like A Boss
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