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January 31, 2018 — by Arnab "knidarius" Mukherjee0

Whether you’re a seasoned 90s kid or not, Jumanji is something that you must have heard about at least in the past couple of months. While the original movie with Robin Williams was all about getting into a board game, the modern sequel/remake pushes the characters into a video game that is fraught with adventure. The Jumanji Mobile Game attempts to make the best of both worlds fit into one smartphone game and lets just say it doesn’t entirely fail.


A slew of recent movie or TV show tie-in games have been either endless runners or Clash Of Clan rip offs. Amid all of that, the board-game+card-game approach of Jumanji does make you take notice. That being said, don’t let this make you feel that this game is any less pay to win – it just has an element of chance to it.

Right from the tutorial, you will have no illusions that this is going to be a board game. You and your opponent start off on a board that has 13 tiles, divided into 3 zones of 3-3-4 tiles and separated by two special tiles and one starting tile. Rolling a pair of dice determines how many tiles you move, and once you reach an empty tile you can construct a base (Monopoly anyone?). The same applies for your enemy.

There are three ways to win this game – by Monopoly, by Bankruptcy, or by having the most amount of money at the end of 12 rounds. With Monopoly, all you need to do is to ‘capture’ an entire region by building bases on all tiles in the region. With Bankruptcy, your opponent has to run out of money. The third method is pretty self explanatory.

This is where it gets interesting – you enter each game with a deck of five cards, while your own adventurer is treated as the sixth card on your deck. Each time you land up on a tile, you get to use a card as well. The cards range from tile specific things like rope-traps that make your opponent stop when they step on the tile, landmines that steal your opponent’s money and more to cards with abilities like boosting your attack/defence or stealing your opponents stats and more. The cards make the game really interesting and keep you coming back just to use all the different types and see how they play out in your moves around the board, especially your battles. For instance, there is even a specific card called the Helicopter that can drop you on your opponent’s location. So using it right after buffing up your strength with another card is a good strategy.

What are battles, you ask? Each time you land on a tile that has been captured by your opponent or is currently occupied by your opponent, you get the option to pay them a toll to pass on, or battle them. The battle involves a die roll that increases the attacker’s attack stats and the defenders defence stats. You guessed it – whoever has the highest number wins a particular battle and the opponent loses money. Repeated battles could be really effective in ensuring a defeat by bankruptcy.

The game gives you a lot of rewards, even for simple things like showing up everyday, while also prompting you to spend actual money on in-game packs that will give you more cards. While we have tried our hand thoroughly at the game, it can’t be said that you exactly need to pay-to-win since there is still an element of chance involved.

Fans of the Jumanji movie and franchise will appreciate the diversity and format that stays true to the wild feel of the Jumanji-verse. While strangers to this world will still find it a sufficiently interesting board game, if not deterred by the host of things that the starting menu throws at you. We’re talking inbox, rewards, quests, daily drops, rankings and the whole shebang. Try this out if you’re looking to get into the hype of another movie tie-in game without having to play another me-too endless runner or rip-off.

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