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Multiplatform Gamers are the future of Mobile Gaming

Are you a mobile gamer? Or a multiplatform gamer? Come find out what category you fall under!

GamesBond, a gaming marketplace owned by Mauj Mobile, recently conducted a survey in an attempt to understand the behaviour of gamers who game on multiple platforms. The platforms included were PC gaming, console gaming, and mobile gaming. From the survey, broadly two categories of gamers emerged; Multiplatform Gamers and Mobile Only Gamers. Additionally, age classification, consumption patterns, time spent playing mobile games and claimed expenditure on mobile games were some of the other key insights that were gleaned from the survey.

Mobile gaming in India has grown tremendously over the past few years and according to the NASSCOM Indian Games Market Review of 2015, the mobile gamer base in India stands at 50 million.

The survey was conducted by GamesBond across 35 cities, with over 1000 respondents. Some of the key discoveries of the survey are as follows:

  • 2/3rd of the mobile gamers were found to be Multiplatform Gamers
  • A larger percentage of the younger generation of Indians, i.e., the millennials and Gen Y were found to be Multiplatform Gamers
  • Multiplatform Gamers were found to download fewer games than Mobile Only Gamers, but spent twice as much time on them.
  • Multiplatform Gamers were found to have spent more time playing everyday when compared to Mobile Only Gamers
  • Multiplatform Gamers were also found to be more willing to spend on mobile games than Mobile Only Gamers

Badri Sanjeevi, Co-Founder and CEO of Mauj Mobile said, “Understanding mobile gaming from different perspectives is imperative to build a unique and strong marketplace for gamers. From the recent survey conducted we can safely say that Multiplatform Gamers are the Whales of mobile gaming.”

We can safely say that mobile game devs and publishers should latch onto these whales and cater to those who game on multiple platforms. Also they are early adopters and they’re the ones who will determine the direction of mobile gaming in the coming future.

In case you couldn’t bother reading through all the boring statistics, here’s a funky infographic for you!


MPGs Vs MOGs infographic india Multiplatform gamers

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