Cooler Master expands its ‘Maker Spirit’ product lineup at Computex 2016

June 1, 2016 — by Skoar Harbinger0

Cooler Master, focusing on its modularity and user creation with the Maker Spirit, showcased the MasterConcept 2.0 at the Computex 2016. On display are MasterCase Pro and flagship MasterCase Maker lines along with MasterAccessories and MakerMade Accessories. A trimmer case featuring internal expandability and layout flexibility – The MasterBox line has also been expanded with a mini-tower and new mid-tower colors and outlooks. Cooler Master’s MasterCase Pro and MasterCase Maker lines along with a number of MasterAccessories have been a favourite to customize the exterior and the interior layout for DIY rig enthusiasts. The MasterWatt Series, MasterCooler’s PSU series, is adding the flagship, MasterWatt Maker 1200. Stay tuned for complete coverage of Cooler Masters latest products at Computex 2016.

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You can read the full press release below:

Cooler Master Expands “MAKER SPIRIT” Product Line-up at COMPUTEX 2016

COMPUTEX, Taipei, TWN – Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, today unveiled their next steps towards embodying the Maker Spirit in building and using PCs. In Cooler Master’s booth and a separate, private meeting room, visitors can see both how Cooler Master’s expanded product portfolio is enabling a wider scope of creatives and professionals to better pursue their PC-powered aspirations, and experience what can be created through the power of custom-built PCs.

In the booth, visitors can compose music in a 3D landscape; simulate an all-too-real parachute jump; operate a ‘war’ robot; challenge a beardy Twitch streamer/gamer to a match at his station; or design and print their own keycaps. These experiences are powered by award-winning developers, engineers, streamers, and designers who use Cooler Master components and share the company’s value of individual freedom and creation.

“The response we are getting from the community has shown that people resonate with the notion of creating something unique to them, ” said Raymen Wu, Global Marketing Director. “This year that maker spirit is coming to life across our product portfolio and in the new ways we support the creative endeavors of the community.”

MasterCase and MasterBox: Many Ways to Modular
MasterCase with the FreeFormTM Modular System are creating more avenues for individual choice and expression as more towers fill out the MasterCase, MasterCase Pro and flagship MasterCase Maker lines. A full range of sizes has now appeared as well as new outlooks for simplicity and expression. On top of the modular frame, a growing ecosystem of swappable MasterAccessories and MakerMade Accessories can be used to customize the exterior and adjust the interior layout. The second version of Cooler Master’s innovation platform, MasterConcept 2.0, has made strides towards a completely modular case that has no defined form or function other than that created by its user. The MasterBox line, a trimmer case featuring internal expandability and layout flexibility, has also expanded with a mini-tower and new mid-tower colors and outlooks

Decades of Innovation in the Complete Thermal Line-Up
Cooler Master’s award-winning thermal solutions have grown to make it easier to select cooling. As well, all the lines have been consolidated and imbued with new technology across many product segments. The MasterAir Series of CPU air coolers and the MasterGel Series of thermal pastes now all feature full product portfolios ranging from entry-level up through the Pro and Maker iterations for increasing quality and customization. The liquid cooling segment has also launched its first member, the MasterLiquid Pro 120 and 240 AIO coolers, featuring a unique pump design for various user preferences. The MasterFan Series has spun off its MasterFan Pro, a collection of three blade designs with adjustable fan speed profiles for varying component and case cooling needs. All CPU coolers include the MasterGel Pro or MasterGel Maker, depending on the segment.

MasterWatt: Reliable Power with the Thermal Touch
The MasterWatt Series was charged by the flagship MasterWatt Maker 1200 and will expand into a full line of MasterWatt PSUs for varying levels of control and power requirements. The series incorporates custom changes to the circuit design, heatsink and fan to reduce heat waste, strengthen reliability and extend life expectancy. These have become available from the MasterWatt upwards.

Customize the Touch and Feel of Your PC Experience with Peripherals
Peripherals have been reengineered to allow high customization depending on the feel and personality of the user. Starting with the varying sizes of the MasterKeys line, users have a choice of lighting and switches ranging from simple and clean to the infinite customizations of the MasterKeys Pro RGB with software. The MasterMouse Series also starts from a clean, ambidextrous build and works in swappable panels for size and grip type in the Pro version. The MasterPulse’s Bass FX technology for in-ear and over-ear headphones allows the switch between a bass boost created by unique hardwiring in the headset structure itself.

Feel the Maker Spirit
Come experience our interactive booth on the 4F at Computex’s exhibition hall in the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F M0820.



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