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June 12, 2017 — by Anusha "Trillian" Sinha0

A game inside a game = Gameception

Want to become a major league e-sports player without putting in the time? In the spirit of clickers and simulators for every possible profession (including pornstars), we now have a game about fighting your way to the top of the gaming ladder. League of Gamers is about playing a game, and sadly, not much else. Forget the muscle memory you’d have to build in order to succeed at a game. Here, you can do that by just tapping on the screen. You start off by choosing from a roster of diverse gamers which is not much use because the entire game is played by looking over the player’s shoulder and you don’t really get to see their faces at all. Your little gamer sits at her desktop and plays by furiously clicking her mouse and tapping keys in the middle of the keyboard, far away from the usual WASD or arrow key combinations. Then again, this is supposed to be only a simulator.

The game that is displayed in-game is rather dull and never ever changes! Seriously, how hard could it have been to create a few more animations. Even a little more depth to the existing animation would have been better than this ghost of the games we love. Teammates are added as you progress through and they regularly hit you up with gamer-ly dialogues but you can never respond. The theme of this game is something that you will definitely be into but unfortunately, there is little else to make you stick unless you like the clicker genre. A great game that this one can learn from is Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. It is a clicker too, but so fabulously executed that you will be engrossed for months. It has fantastic graphics which have also been a strong point for Egg, a clicker about chicken farming. Unfortunately, League of Gamers doesn’t do justice to the world it has tried to recreate. You’d probably be better off just playing a game that is not so meta.

League of Gamers

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