Gamesbond + Stom Studio = More awesome games

January 24, 2017 — by Skoar Harbinger0

Indian game distributor and publishing house, Gamesbond is partnering with Vietnamese based game developer Stom Studio to develop more awesome arcade games.

Stom Studio is best known for making casual arcade games with colorful graphics that can often be quite addictive. All of their games have good touch response and boast high ratings on the Play Store. On the other hand, Gamesbond is a game marketplace that specializes in making different games for different platforms.

The collab’s first new game is expected to be available on the Play Store, App Store, and other OEM channels soon, and will be based on Robinhood, where gamers will play as the Archer Legend himself. 

gamesbond Archer legend press release

Find the full press release below

India’s leading mobile game distribution and publishing house, Gamesbond, today announced their partnership with Vietnam based StomStudio for a series of casual arcade games. These games will be launched globally, with special emphasis to the Indian gaming market.

Gamesbond has an exclusive mobile gaming deal with StomStudio (a well-established Vietnam based gaming studio) and according to the deal; StomStudio will work exclusively with Gamesbond as part of a multi-year partnership to develop unique mobile gaming experiences for gamers across the world, publishing arcade and casual games with great gameplay. The games will be published under Gamesbond brand on google play, apple store, alternative app stores and multiple OEM channels.

The first game Archer Legend: ROBIN HOOD, is a first of its kind archery game with the iconic world famous outlaw turned hero Robin Hood, fighting against the King’s soldiers to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor.With its extraordinary gameplay and addicting graphics and sounds, the game looks to poised for being one of the top archery based games. The game takes the gamer back to the medieval times and starts the journey as Robin Hood himself who slays all the enemies with his bow and arrow. Robin Hood fights against fearsome warrior races who try and protect the treasure which Robin Hood wishes to redistribute to the poor.

“We are excited to partner with StomStudio from Vietnam and are looking forward to taking their games to the both the Indian and the global users. We foresee this to be a great start to a fruitful global multi-game partnership.The Indian gaming marketing is gaining solid traction and with our strengths in distribution and understanding of the Indian gaming consumer, we are the ideal partners for great international game developers to gain traction into this market.” Says Anshul Singhal, VP Products- Gaming Gamesbond.



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