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December 8, 2017 — by Mithun "Barbarian_Monkey" Mohandas0

Just like South Park: Phone Destroyer, we got sucked into playing Game of Thrones: Conquest because we’re fans of the show. However, unlike Phone Destroyer, Game of Thrones: Conquest has all the signs of a crappy skin-job. If you’ve played Game of War – Fire Age, then you might as well stop right here because it’s exactly that. In fact, if you look at Game of War, the player’s city is actually more organised from a UI perspective. Game of Thrones: Conquest seems to have been a quick drag-drop job by an intern.

Game of Thrones: Conquest

We’re irked with this game because the Game of Thrones universe is so vast and well structured. The books are always great, but with Game of Thrones, HBO is doing a good job of making the show as well. So when you see such a franchise not getting its due attention is disheartening.

Even the image assets haven’t been done well. When you switch screens, the background shifts to a close-up of the iron throne, that asset seems to have been rendered for a screen of 70-80 DPI. It’s that blotchy, and it doesn’t end there. We tried the game out on an Android phone with an SD625 and an SD830, and it’s very computer intensive. Also, unlike Game of War, you don’t get to zoom out, we’re pretty certain if they’d implemented that then the mobile would have slowed down to a crawl.

Like every empire building game, GoT: Conquest has wait timers for buildings and troops that scale up rather quickly. However, they do help you out when you are starting off, more than most other games would. You’ll soon be met with familiar faces as they come on board to advise you. Tyrion and Petyr Baelish are the ones you’ll meet first and then more come along. We, however, didn’t even bother to stick around for that long since the game doesn’t warrant that long an attention span.

Since all you’re going to be doing is raising new buildings, levelling them up, getting some researches done and then training troops, the game becomes really monotonous, real quick. The endless rinse-repeat cycle without anything to spice things up is what makes us feel that the GoT license was completely wasted on this game.

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