Gamaya Legends Review

January 27, 2016 — by Sameer "Psycho Mantis" Mitha0



Gamaya Legends Review

January 27, 2016 — by Sameer "Psycho Mantis" Mitha0

An interesting concept but not a tempting offer

This isn’t the first time that we have seen Indian mythology appear in the world of gaming. Remember a game called Hanuman, which came on the PS2? It had controls very similar to God of War and apart from that the game was a disaster from a technical and gameplay standpoint. We have seen a number of games sprout from Indian mythology but nothing to grab gamer’s attention. It looks like a California based video game and connected toys startup, Gamaya Inc. decided to cash in on this opportunity and release a game based on the Ramayana universe. Gamaya Legends, is available for Android and iOS but with a catch. You need to have a Bluetooth enabled base book and the companion toy to play the game just like Nintendo Amiibos and Disney Infinity toys. With an MRP of Rs. 6,249 and a promotional price tag of Rs. 3,499 does this toy deserve your hard earned attention?

Well, the answer is kind of a mixed bag. Lets kick things off with the toys. You have to invest a minimum of Rs. 3,499 (promotional price tag) and you have to spend close to Rs. 1,000 more per toy. A newly launched PS4 or Xbox One game will cost you Rs, 3,999 in India, so even though it’s a mobile game, the accessories demand the value of a full priced PS4 or Xbox One game with the continued requirement of investment in new characters. Now if you are someone that is a collector of the Nintendo Amiibos and Disney Infinity toys then this may not seam like a big deal for you but if you are a gamer in India, you know that this is a pretty steep investment. Coming to the toys themselves, they are extremely well built and detailed. Propped next to a collection of action figurines, they do look cool. So yes, as a collectors item they are really good.

Gamaya Legends

Moving to the game lets get the worst out of the way. On a third generation iPad running on iOS 9 the game lagged and stuttered and there were times when it refused to run. So you may want to check the hardware requirements of the game and the device at your disposal before investing. On smartphones like the Nexus 5 and iPad Pro where we played the game, it ran butter smooth.

Setting up gamaya legends

Coming to the process of setting it up its really simple. You need to put two batteries in the Bluetooth base (the book that’s in the starter pack) switch on Bluetooth on your smartphone/tablet and launch the game. It syncs automatically. Place your action figure on the book and you are good to go. If you want to replace the character you simply replace the toy on the base. For Ram the base glows blue and for Mahiravana the base glows red. As of writing this review, even though we had Hanuman, the character wasn’t active. So you have the base book and two character to begin with and the company is going to update the levels and the character portfolio.

Gamaya Legends

But how is the game itself?

Gamaya Legends is a third person action adventure game aimed at children. So there is no blood or gore and the protagonists you control doesn’t die but when your health depletes, he gets tired. Coming to the graphics, the game looks really rich and vibrant on the iPad pro display but yet there is the occasional stutter, not with the game but with what’s happening around.


Tap where you want your protagonist to move and tap on the object you want him to shoot at. From the get go, each character has a regular attach and a charged attach which once used takes a couple of seconds to regenerate. For example, Ram has his bow and arrow, which you use and the special attack is a charged up arrow. Mahiravan on the other hand has a ranged attach and his special attack turns the foes against each other (Jedi mind trick style). There are other special powers that you can unlock and the only downside is that you need to level up really high to get them. The special powers appear in the bottom right corner of the display.

Gamaya Legends

A very cool control mechanic is that the character progression is stored on the toy itself. So if I change the smartphone/tablet I am playing the game on, my characters unlocked abilities remain locally saved on the toy. A downside, and I faced this a lot, is that if you leave the baseplate or the toy at office or home and decide to play the game, it wont work without it leaving you with a pretty icon to stare at on your smartphone/tablet.


The gameplay of Gamaya Legends is pretty smooth and the controls are responsive. One downside is that in you die a lot, initially at least. I don’t think I’m the best gamer out there but I’m pretty sure that I’m not the worst and the game is quite tough. I had to play the first level over and over again to get my character to a respectable level to take on the foes you face further on. Another thing is that when you perform a special move, your character doesn’t move an inch. So you have to choose between the special attack and taking some damage or relocating to perform the special move.

Gamaya Legends


As of writing this review, there are only two active characters and a handful of levels that you can finish if you play the game sparingly over the weekend. That really doesn’t justify the investment of 3.5K.

Gamaya Legends


The only reason you would consider picking up Gamaya Legends is to add the toys to your collection (assuming that’s your hobby) or to get your kids at home to have some kind of an inclination towards Indian mythology. If gaming is what you are looking for on a mobile device, there are better options out there in the action adventure department for a much cheaper cost.

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