Fenix Box

April 2, 2015 — by Mad "r4gs" Zombie0


Quiet, simple and fun

Quiet, simple and fun are the words that we’ll use to describe this game. Quiet, because it’s free in the truest sense of the word. No ads, no annoying pop-ups, no time or resource limited mechanic. All you get is a series of puzzles, a simple control scheme and a rogue-like mechanic that’ll keep you hooked to the very end. To those not in the know, a rogue-like game is one where a death is permanent, except that in this case, you can restart a level as many times as you like in one session, but the moment you quit, you’re back at square one.



Mad "r4gs" Zombie

Deposited on this planet sometime in the late 1980s, this being was quick to discover the joys of binge-gaming and has long since mastered the art of the 16-hour game session, and evolved to survive on a minimum of food.

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