Endless Doves

April 2, 2015 — by Mad "r4gs" Zombie0


Ridiculously difficult, ridiculously fun

Encroaching on Flappy Bird’s territory when it comes to ridiculous difficulty is Endless Doves. This weird and debate-ably wonderful game can be frustratingly addictive or painfully repetitive depending on your disposition. You take command of a flying, sleeping man and guide him through a procedurally generated level, collecting doves on the way. Who is this man? Why does he collect doves? How does he even fly? These questions simply pale into insignificance in the face of the punishing game mechanics. This is a great game, provided you’re the type who reveled in Flappy Bird. Everyone else had better stay as far away from this as possible.



Mad "r4gs" Zombie

Deposited on this planet sometime in the late 1980s, this being was quick to discover the joys of binge-gaming and has long since mastered the art of the 16-hour game session, and evolved to survive on a minimum of food.

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