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Castle Defense

A free alternative to Kingdom Rush

One would be forgiven for thinking that Castle Defense is a clone of Kingdom Rush, and that’s because the art-style of both games is very similar. As with any tower defense game, there are lanes, there are enemies and there are designated spots where you build towers. Enemies come in waves and you kill them, slow them down with special towers, deploy troops, etc. The game incorporates the usual free2play marketplace of premium consumables and “gems” of course. There is however, nothing that sets this game apart from any of a pile of other similar tower defense games. If anything, Kingdom Rush is still a better game, costs only Rs.50 and is a lot more challenging and fun. Castle Defense is not a bad game, it’s just generic.


Mad "r4gs" Zombie

Deposited on this planet sometime in the late 1980s, this being was quick to discover the joys of binge-gaming and has long since mastered the art of the 16-hour game session, and evolved to survive on a minimum of food.

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