Disney India announces new endless runner game, Arjun: Prince of Bali

June 1, 2015 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0


Looking at the popularity of its television series Arjun: Prince of Bali intended for kids, Disney India is extending the brand to a new mobile game and merchandise. Arjun: Prince of Bali is Disney India’s first local animation property, developed in collaboration with Green Gold Animation (creators of Chhota Bheem). The television series apparently had a successful two-season show that inspired the creators to go on with creating a mobile game and all sorts of merchandising.

Arjun: Prince of Bali

In the game you control Arjun through several stages, following the usual gameplay of an endless runner game on mobile devices. The game has been developed by Disney India’s Interactive division on the Unity game engine and like similar games, it will also include upgrades and in-app purchases. Although the game had a very simple interface and animation, Arjun: Prince of Bali will certainly be quite appealing for the kids. The game also has other characters from the TV show and they can be unlocked further in the game. Kids who have been enjoying the TV show will get to extend their love through the game and the merchandise that are already available at certain retail outlets.

Present at the conference, Sameer Ganapathy, Vice President and Head, Interactive, Disney India said “With an interesting storyline, beautiful landscapes and popular local characters, the Arjun series makes for an interesting gameplay. By integrating elements from the show and building on the character traits in the game, we were looking at giving fans an opportunity to interact with Arjun and his friends beyond the show and create an all immersive gaming experience for them”.

Arjun: Prince of Bali

Arjun: Prince of Bali was launched on the Play Store several days back and is seeing a lot of downloads and positive responses. One thing to note is that this game is directed towards kids only, and if you’re a teenager or older, you may not like the game, solely because it is very simple. The game is available in the Play Store currently and will soon be launching on the App Store and Windows Phone Store.



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