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Dead Trigger 2: It ain’t dead inside

If ever there was a game to make a case for the smartphone as a console alternative, it has to be Dead Trigger 2

[drop_cap type=”1/2/3″]I[/drop_cap]f ever there was a game to make a case for the smartphone as a console alternative, it has to be Dead Trigger 2. Utilizing the full power of the Unity Engine, this visual masterpiece is just begging to be experienced on a high-end smartphone. While you will get the game to run on lower end devices, you’re missing out on quite a bit of graphical oomph. so much so that this just might be a legitimate excuse to upgrade to a better device. Yes, the graphics are awesome, but what about the rest of the game?

Mechanically sound?

Dead-Trigger-2-ScreenshotsDead Trigger’s control scheme is probably the most sensible shooter control scheme that we’ve encountered on mobile phones so far. You get the regular virtual twin-stick control of course, but just the fact that you don’t need to tap to shoot makes all the difference in the world. Everything else is pretty straight forward. An arrow points you to your next objective, you shoot any zombie that comes close and you move from objective to objective to clear a level.

The one gripe we really have with the mission design is that no mission lasts longer than a couple of minutes at the most and the free2play design means that you have to wait 20 minutes before you can play the next campaign mission.

dead_trigger_2_1Speaking of free2play, it’s the monetisation that seriously hampered our experience with the game. Here’s how a typical game session works. You login, go to the game world, pick a mission, play for two minutes, finish it, come back to your hideout and then wait 20 minutes for the next mission. Sure, you can pick from a handful of generic missions in the spare time, and frankly, they aren’t less generic than the story missions, but it just seems like a pointless exercise.

You earn cash while playing and you spend that cash on the usual weapon upgrades and unlocks, and also on the purchase of various grenades and other items that you’ll be needing in the course of the missions. But this is really a sideshow and just something to do till the timer runs down and you can play the next mission.

Wait! There’s a story?

Behemoth_Dead_Trigger_2Surprisingly, yes, there is a story. It’s as generic as anything you’ve encountered before, but it’s strangely engaging and for some obscure reason you want to find out what happens next. We won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say it involves zombies, sci-ops, radiation and mutants. Generic or not, that’s bound to grab your attention at some level.

A Zombiefest

2041384-696849_20130605_001Dead Trigger 2 is a good game and it could have been a great one, but despite it’s frustrating short comings, it’s a game you keep coming back to and you’ll want to stick it out to the bitter end.

Dead Trigger 2: It ain’t dead inside
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