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May 28, 2017 — by Anusha "Trillian" Sinha0

Crash of Cars is an online multiplayer game about a bunch of cars which want to battle it out. Each of these cars is equipped with one of a range of crazy weapons and power-ups. These epic battles are fought using weapons like railguns, trebuchets, cannons and homing missiles. The battlefields are diverse and you have the option of playing in places like Downtown Tokyo, the moon, a beach and a hillside. These landscapes are intricately designed and scattered with a plethora of objects which are all destructible. So, if your battle gets a little out-of-hand, you can go ahead and destroy entire cities too.

Crash of Cars

The cars are controlled using the standard left and right onscreen buttons. Pressing both the buttons makes the car brake. Weapons are operated using a separate button. The fight in each game is to collect the maximum number of crowns and outlive your opponents. There are around ten cars to defeat in each game. The graphics are cartoony but polished and the soundtrack is a bit annoying at times. There are two currencies in the game, one can be used to try your luck at a lottery machine for the chance to win cars. The other currency can be used to upgrade the lottery machine itself. A fancier lottery machine means that you will win better cars every time you buy a ticket. There are also three daily challenges which yield coins when completed. The cars are pretty zany and range from a hot-dog on wheels to a pirate ship.

The ads are pretty bearable and sometimes you can learn by watching one. One obvious downside is that the game requires you to have a steady internet connection. If you have a reliable data pack, this should not be a problem at all. In conclusion, Crash of Cars is a simple game which never becomes repetitive and stays entertaining for a long time.

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Crash of Cars game review – Android & iOS
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