Combo Critters Review: iOS & Android

July 29, 2017 — by Anusha "Trillian" Sinha0

Add two critters to a hydraulic press to create another

Combo Critters is a lot like Pokemon. For those of you who haven’t gotten in on Pokemon Go and still remember the days of Pokemon Fire Red with a wistful tear in your eye, you ought to give Combo Critters a try. In this game, you are in-charge of a spaceship which sends a cat-robot into strange territories on new planets. The aim is to explore these new lands and battle the weird creatures you come across and make them a part of your team. Some of these creatures are really interesting. For example, there is the usaseal which is a dogfish in the most literal sense of the word( It the upper half of a dog and the tail of a fish).

combo critters review combo critters review

You can create a team of up to three critters for any given battle and these jump in instantly whenever you are in battle with a wild critter. You can also combine your critters to come up with newer combinations which have higher health and attack points. The swipe controls can get a little tedious because the cat-robot moves really slow. The levels are littered with puzzle pieces just scattered about and you must collect these in order to progress in the game. Every encounter with a wild critter turns into a battle. These do not involve skill as much as they involve timing except for the special attacks which makes you complete tasks like tapping three erratic dots or swiping in a certain shape.

Once you defeat a wild critter, it is not a certainty that you will manage to capture it (again, reminiscent of a certain game we know). A probability determines whether the creature will become yours. You also have to pay with in-game currency for every time you want attempt to capture one.

Combo Critters is a comfortable throwback to earlier times and is made refreshing by the number of combinations possible and the unique mechanism of simply adding two critters to a hydraulic press to create another.

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Combo Critters Review: iOS & Android
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