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May 10, 2018 — by Mithun "Barbarian_Monkey" Mohandas0

MOBA games aren’t simple. They have a fairly steep learning curve on the PC. You need to keep in mind a multitude of different game mechanics at any given time. Replicating the same set of mechanics on the mobile is no menial task which is why we were skeptical of Arena of Valor. However, we’re glad to say that we’re wrong … to an extent.

Arena of Valor

Obviously, a keyboard and mouse allow for much greater control of your virtual avatar in games which is why you can incorporate complex game mechanics. However, with a mobile phone you don’t have the same luxury and thus, have to make certain compromises. That’s not to say that Arena of Valor feels simplistic. No, that’s not the case. You can still move around, use an arsenal of skills, use targeting, chat, ping the minimap and issue commands to your team. Practically, every essential part of a MOBA has been included. 

If you are new to MOBA games then Arena of Valor will be quite difficult to get used to but it will be way simpler than a desktop MOBA. However, if you’ve already played MOBA titles on the desktop then you’ll feel right at home. Especially, if you’ve played League of Legends since Arena of Valor is published by Tencent, who is also the publisher for League of Legends. The similarity begins with the art style, the heroes and their abilities, the map … well, it’s League of Legends on mobile. Also, it’s equally addictive. 

Arena of Valor lucky draw

There are multiple game modes including the all popular 5v5 mode. Each session can last between 12-45 minutes based on how well you’re matched up. Unfortunately, like all MOBA games, your matchups aren’t always optimal. Also, there’s no dearth of toxic team-mates. The amount of cuss words thrown around in each session is very reminiscent of LoL. The objective is plain and simple, destroy the main enemy in their base to win. There are three lanes connecting the two bases with 2 towers of either faction guarding each lane. There are neutral creeps to kill for money, exp and in some cases, buffs.

Arena of Valor buffs

The one thing we believe could have been done better is Guild management. There are simply way too many steps required for you to invite a friend to join your guild. In fact, you need to add someone as your friend before you can even invite them. This is only an issue because most games simply allow recruiting via the global chat, and opening someone’s profile also presents an invite option. Even the UI as a whole could do with a few more tooltips. Say having a ‘?’ at the top right of any option could easily make things much simpler for first-timers. 

One interesting thing about the game is that Tencent seems to have brokered a deal with DC Comics to use some of their characters in the game. So there’s the Joker, Batman, Superman and a couple of others. Some of these heroes are ridiculously OP so you’ll be seeing them a more often than you’d want to.

Arena of Valor victory screen

Simply put, the game is a gateway drug. If you get on it, then you’ll soon be hooked onto the MOBA scene and who knows, a couple of months down the line, we just might catch you in some LoL match calling the enemy Garen’s mom a @#$%^. And if you ever end up in a pub match with a good set of players, then you just might land matches like the one in the screenshot above.

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