Second Day Roundup of IGX 2015

November 17, 2015 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0

Indian Games Expo or IGX is surely another start to set the ball rolling of conducting gaming expos and conventions in the country.

After an eventful first day at IGX 2015, we reached the venue quite early for the final day of the convention. The second day saw the final rounds of all the gaming tournaments extending their participant pools from the previous day, along with another cosplay competition. Rather than experiencing a horde pouring in uncontrollably, gamers arrived at healthy intervals resulting in a more manageable crowd. There weren’t any new events hosted on the second day except a fresh cosplay competition while the attendees got to play the same games showcased previously. While the convention went on, we checked out the various booths and what they had to offer.

IGX 2015 India Games Expo 2015

The booths mostly included gaming hardware manufacturers and merchandise sellers. Among the most interesting was Absentia VR, a hardware startup founded by engineering college dropouts who claim to have built a better VR headset than the Oculus Rift, and they are calling it the Tesseract. We managed to spend some time with the headset, playing Call of Duty: Ghosts and felt there was certainly a lot of room for improvements for their patent-pending algorithms. Be sure to check out our in-depth coverage of Tesseract. We got to play an upcoming hack-and-slash adventure game called Third Eye, developed by Vanishing Point Game Studios which is based out of Mumbai. Apar Games, another game studio from Mumbai, showcased their upcoming game Scribbled Arena which looked like a refreshed and doodly reboot of Battle Tanks. The WWE 2K16 and Mortal Kombat X tournaments hosted by E-xpress saw a huge participation and a large audience cheering for the players. The final rounds of both the tournaments were so intense, they managed to attract the entire crowd present on the show floor. Simultaneously running was the Counter Strike tournament organised by gaming peripherals manufacturer Natec Genesis, seeing the presence of gamers right from plain noobs to elite maggers.

IGX 2015 India Games Expo 2015

The Sony PlayStation zone at IGX 2015 gave the gamers an opportunity to play several titles like the recently released Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and exclusives including Bloodborne, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Until Dawn etc. Gamers also got the chance to try their hand at several other games such as Batman: Arkham Knight, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Fallout 4, FIFA 16, Mad Max etc. The most serpentine queues were obviously for Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and FIFA 16. A fresh new cosplay competition was held on the second day too, conducted by StrayDog and it witnessed some really well-crafted costumes and props compared to the previous day.

The SKOAR! stall on the first day wasn’t something you’d write home about to be honest. However, for the second day, we decided to pay homage to a game that for us really started it all. We hosted a quick mini-competition of Quake 3 at IGX 2015 where two challengers had to defeat a single member of our team (just Siddharth actually) in a deathmatch. The winner would take away a year’s subscription of Digit and SKOAR! but sadly, no one proved themselves worthy. It wasn’t a total loss however because we saw droves of people coming in for repeat ass kickings at the receiving end of a rail gun.

In the end, IGX 2015 was what it should be – a gathering of gamers. It served as a great avenue for kids and even adults to experience the wide array of games currently in the market. Although the new generation gamers were pretty psyched up about the recent and upcoming games, our last-minute feat of scrambling together a Quake 3 session was successful in not just evoking nostalgia for a classic amongst the adults, but also introducing the kiddies to an evergreen game. We heard several requests to the tune of “Wow, where can we download this game from?” Following the success of the first ever IGX, we might see more gaming studios showcasing their latest offerings next year and more tournaments (read: e-sports) being hosted. While we ruefully remember the good old days of the SKOAR! expos, we have to admit this is surely the start of a new era of gaming expos and conventions in the country.

IGX 2015 India Games Expo 2015



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