Phoenix Gaming Expo (PGX) 18 and ROG Onslaught winners and overview

October 1, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The Phoenix Gaming Expo (PGX), which was a part of Phoenix Marketcity and Palladium Chennai’s September fest has come to an end. It was quite the happening event with three tournaments taking place across the three days and several other events and showcases happening throughout the Palladium and Phoenix Marketcity mall.


September Fest was an initiative taken by Palladium and Phoenix Market City India to celebrate Asia, and in doing so, not exclude the nicher aspects of the Asian community, which as it turns out, are not very niche! The Fest included an AnimeCon, a K-BeautyCon, the recent PGX or Phoenix Gaming Expo, and the soon to come Asian Cine Experience, an International film festival.

We were at PGX over the weekend and here’s a lowdown of everything that happened at PGX 18.

ROG Onslaught

We start things off with the ROG Onslaught tournament, one of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments to take place here in India with a cash prize of 10 lacs. While initially, it was going to Entity Gaming, LXG Esports, ROG Titans and Signify playing in the semis, Entity Gaming pulled out at the last moment. As a result, Silver Gaming took their place for the day 1 semi finals.

The Day 1 semis which was supposed to be played between LXG Esports and Entity was instead LXG vs Silver with LXG Esports taking the win.


On Day 2, it was the clash of the titans, with ROG Titans vs Signify, with both teams arguably considered the best Dota 2 teams in the country. However, it was a surprisingly one-sided bout with Signify taking the win 3-0 in a best of five matches.


The finals were held on Day 3 of PGX with Signify coming in as the expected winners and LXG Esports as the underdogs. Signify did win the game 3-1 but LXG Esports gave them a good fight, with the first game being a comeback for Signify and the second one showing that LXG Esports could actually give the top team in the country some fight, making a comeback victory of their own. The following two games though were in favour of Signify, who took the championship and 7 lacs of the prize money in winnings. Team LXG won 2 lacs as the runners up and and both Silver Gaming and the ROG Titans won Rs. 50,000 each.


FIFA 18 and PUBG Mobile

Other than the ROG Onslaught Dota 2 tournament, there were two other gaming tournaments at PGX, a FIFA 18 tournament and the PUBG Mobile tournament. Both tournaments had a prize pool 1 lac each in the form of prize money and goodies from sponsored brands.

The FIFA 18 tournament was won by Prathik who walked away with Rs. 40,000 and goodies worth 15K, while the runner up, Sujay, walked away with Rs. 20,000.

Over 800 people registered for the PUBG mobile tournament, and the ages of participants varied from children as young as 8 to adults as old as 55! It was great seeing older people get into gaming as well, even if it was a mobile game. There were three winners for the PUBG mobile tourney, one from the single tournament, and two teams from the PUBG squads tournament, which ended in a tie. The two teams, Team Spider Clan and Team Ganesha both walked away with Rs.30,000 and goodies worth 25K.

Cosplay Festa


On day 3 of PGX, they also held a cosplay festa that featured both veterans of the craft, and on-the-spot entrants who wished to participate and show off their cosplay skills. There were two winners for the Cosplay Festa, with one winner from the pre-registered entrants, and one winner from the on-the-spot registrants.

Sameer Bundela took the prize for the first segment with his amazing Brol cosplay, and it was quite evident that a lot of effort went into the outfit. He walked away with Rs. 30,000.


For the on-the-spot entrants, Surya Banu won with her Kindred cosplay, which is a character from League of Legends. She also walked away with a Rs. 30,000 cash prize.

FIFA 19 Launch


Throughout the event, on all three days, there was also a FIFA 19 launch event taking place at the Sony brand experience zone where anyone was free to come and try their hand at FIFA 19. There were several such experience zones across the Palladium and Phoenix Marketcity with games to try out on high-end rigs and VR experiences.

Overall, PGX 18 was quite eventful and happening. We’re definitely looking forward to PGX 19.



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