Steam Greenlight Games that you need to try

September 20, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0



Steam Greenlight Games that you need to try

September 20, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Bring out your voyeuristic side and explore the endless universe of Steam Greenlight Games. For until you’ve done that, you haven’t lived life on the wild side – the cutting edge – of discovering unchronicled gems of the gaming world.

Steam Greenlight is a great way to find new games and support game developers. Think of it as something like crowdfunding but instead of money you support the games on Steam Greenlight with your vote. When a game gets Greenlit on Steam Greenlight, that means it’s ready for the Steam stores and you can purchase the game from Steam from that point forward, and we all know Steam is a great market for any game. Of course this means that you need to present a good game or concept in order for it to be Greenlit.

Steam Greenlight is also a great platform for game creators and devs to get an early impression from the gamers as well. Many games on Steam Greenlight are early access and still in development. Creators want to develop the game according to the wishes of the gamers, which is great for us! Keep in mind that a lot of the games on Steam Greenlight offer free demos so that people can try them out before they vote for them. So if you happen to check out any of these games on Steam Greenlight, don’t forget to look for playable demos!

Recently Greenlit!


Assume the role of a scientist who’s infected by demonic forces in Exodemon as you force your way through chaotic facilities. The first thing you’ll notice about Exodemon is that it’s heavily inspired by classics of the genre such as Doom, Hexen, and Quake. Exodemon continues this tradition and maintains that fast-paced FPS feel. The game utilizes 3D graphics mixed with 2D sprites and players have the freedom of exploring levels and discovering new ways to complete levels. It’s got full controller support and some epic boss battles thrown in there as well. Check it out if you’re a fan of the genre.


In ZEscape, two teams face off in an asymmetrical multiplayer game where you run for you life from the undead (Yes, we’re aware that it’s yet another zombie survival game). You need to do a bit of platforming and upgrade your gear while you defend yourself and your teammates from the undead. There’s boss battles and well and several different game modes and environments. Escape from the zombies or turn into one of them, it all depends on you. The game features class-style abilities which you can use and unlockable in game items and skills.


Spellstrike is a strategy game which plays out like a board game and has card-game elements. It’s a unique multiplayer game where you control a squad of three fighters and face off against each other for land, glory or survival. Pick a side and build your dream team by collecting characters and customizing their skills as you play through the game. Customize your squads, characters, and skills, and combine different characters to create your ideal team composition.Test out your customized squads against other players online and use strategies to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent.

Pixel Gladiator

Set in the distant future, Pixel Gladiator is based on a show called Brutal Gladiator which is a top-rated show popular all over the Universe. You’ve been sent to one of these abandoned planets as a participant of the show. Your job? Survive as long as you can and fight back against deadly creatures for the entertainment of a billion viewers. Killing enemies will net you rewards which you can use to purchase better weapons and upgrades. Rise to the challenge and become the champion of the show.

Morning Men

Morning Men is a story driven RPG which incorporates a unique visual style with elements of moving comics and Moebius. The game uses a combat style very similar to the turn-based combat found in JRPGs. In Morning Men each character is unique and will react based on your choices and decisions. The story revolves around a young woman named Luditte who is forced to flee the city she lives in after she’s branded a heretic for associating with an AI named Jasper. Escape from the Copper Hand and uncover answers if you hope to survive. Morning Men is still in early development as of right now.

Battle for Wesnoth

Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir. Fight against the undead hordes of the Lich, delve into the depths of earth to find the Sceptre of Fire and face off against dwarves. Cross oceans and be the first to settle on a new land or guide a group of survivors across the desert in the sweltering sun. Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based tactical strategy game. There’s sixteen full length campaigns to enjoy and over two hundred different unit types to play with, with sixteen races and seven different factions. There’s also multiplayer and co-op support. The game has a large community of dedicated fans who create custom maps and mods and there’s support for creating your own scenarios and campaigns. The game was first released back in 2003 and they’re finally bringing it to Steam via Steam Greenlight. The game is free to play and you can download and play the game right away at.

Marty Thinks 4th Dimensionally

This game is an isometric 3D puzzle platformer. You control a small robot named MRT-I, or Marty, in his quest to find, or rather, rebuild his creator. Marty is able to time travel and uses past versions of himself to help himself. Yes, it sounds complicated to us too. The game takes place in small areas where you will face enemies and other platforming challenges. To overcome these challenges you need make use of a variety of special abilities including of course, the ability to time travel. You can use the time travel ability to work with up to 5 copies of your past self. The game requires you to make proper use of the time travel mechanic to be able to go on to the next level. The game has several boss fights as well as a multiplayer mode where you can play against an opponent in an arena. However, there’s a twist, after 30 seconds the match resets but your past versions remain, so instead of a 1v1 it’s a 2v2 now with the past versions of yourself also in the fray. This continues every 30 secs so it goes on to a 3v3, then a 4v4 and so on. Definitely looks like a fun game, and there’s a demo out too so you can try out for yourself.

Time Golf Squad

Never thought we’d ever see a golf inspired RPG but here it is, Time Golf Squad, an RPG action game with golf-inspired gameplay. In Time Golf Squad you take control of four time travelling warriors who’re really good at golf for some reason. Anyway, gold your way through the levels and go deeper into space and even into the dark recesses of the human mind. Oh and avoid hazards and make sure you stay under par, because golf. The game has RPG elements, so obviously the four heroes are specialised in some way or the other with some special power or ability. Locations are unique as you’re restricted by neither place nor time and there’s a bunch of extra stuff to do. Boss battles seem to be a really in thing these days, so they’ve got those as well. They’re even planning multiplayer for future releases but can we handle that much golf?


Clock is a puzzle-platformer, like oh so many of the titles mentioned here, sorry if puzzle platformers aren’t your thing. Also time control seems to be a recurring theme in Steam Greenlight these days. Clockwork tells the story of one Atto, a lonely mech boy who can control time. So yea, there’s a bunch of places where you need to use his time-bending powers to get through a level. It’s a steampunk-inspired theme, so if you’re into that you’ll love the visuals on this game. It does look rather nice. Again, they’ve boss battles in here too. Man people really love boss battles these days. Must be a Dark Souls thing.


This is your chance to take on the Daeva empire in this rogue-like hack ‘n’ slash game. Asura is loosely based on the Indian mythos; assume the role of Asura, the demon incarnate, and obliterate all who dare come in your way. The game features 5 randomly generated fortresses, each with their own unique aesthetic and enemies. There’s a lot of loot to grab as you progress through the fortresses of the Daevas. You can craft your character through the procedurally generated skill tree with over 60 different skills to choose from. Enemies are inspired from the Indian mythos and have unique characteristics and abilities as well, making the game challenging. Asura also lets you duel heroes of the Daeva, Vanara, Naga and Hathira factions and unlock more as you defeat them.


HALT is a 2D run-and-gun platformer. The game revolves around a privately owned law enforcement where you play as Chris Tracy and Turner Chase who are getting real bored of their jobs. However, when a group called “The Human” start harassing the department, Chris and Turner finally have something to deal with their boredom. The game has a very retro arcadey feel to it with fast-paced action and bullet-hell elements. You can play as both Chris Tracy, the trigger-happy(obviously ripped off) cop and Turner Chase, the paranoid one. You can collect various ammo types within the game and combine them with upgrades. The game also has controller support if that’s how you swing.


When It Hits the Fan is 2D top-down shooter inspired by classic arcade and SNES-era top-down shooters. There’s 4 zones in the game with four apocalypse scenarios happening AT THE SAME TIME. There’s a Zombie Invasion in the city, robots going out of control in the laboratory, demons spewing underground from hell, and an Alien invasion to beat back. There’s many weapons to choose from and various power-ups to pick up. Of course there’s a whole variety of enemies to face as well, from zombies(duh), to aliens(duh x 2), to robots(duh x 3), and demons(duh x 4) to name a few.


What would you get if you combine rock, paper, scissors with the FPS genre? You’d get ShapeRockets. ShapeRockets is a minimalist FPS where you choose one of either rock, paper or scissors and shoot your prey shape and run from your predator shape. You can change your shape on the go after a short recharge. The game allows for online play with 4-8 players and an online leaderboard as well. Three hits and you’re dead, die three times and it’s game over. May the best shape win!

Life Unfolds

Life Unfolds takes place in a small world which is vibrant and colourful. You can experience a complete life over the course of half an hour, going from childhood to old-age. Learn new skills, make friendships, start a family, and much more. The game emphasises on the best moments in life and capturing those moments and creating memories. Choose how you spend your time in the game carefully, it’s a short life and you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything.

Steam Greenlight Game you can still vote for!

The games we just covered have already been Greenlit, so they’ll be making their way to the Steam stores sooner or later. Here’s a game that you can still vote for on Steam Greenlight if they tickle your fancy! And who knows, maybe your vote will help it make it on to Steam!

Legions of Tyrandel

Legions of Tyrandel is a unique hybrid between a card-based battle game and a turn-based tabletop game. Legions of Tyrandel is a strategy game designed for 2 players. There are 8 commanders to choose from and the cards you use to build your deck become the very troops you will command on the battlefield. There’s over 150 cards to choose from when building your deck and they’re all available right off the bat. Control the battlefield, capture objectives, and breakthrough your opponent’s defences and claim your victory.

We shall be updating this steam greenlight list regularly. So keep checking!



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