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November 15, 2015 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0


Indian Games Expo, referred to as IGX in short, marks the return of a gaming expo in India.

Indian Games Expo, referred to as IGX in short, marked the return of a gaming expo in India and the response from gamers was overwhelming. Although it’s been a long time since we had organised the Skoar Expo, the last edition being conducted back in 2008, it was refreshing to attend IGX following the same objective, celebrating video games in India. The event had no entry fees for its first year in order to attract more participants, resulting in a huge amount of footfalls on its first day. The exhilarating first day was a mixed reaction among the participants, but the motive behind the event means much more than that.

IGX India

Scheduled as a two-day event, IGX was a smorgasbord of recently released and upcoming games on various platforms. Attendees, or rather gamers, had the freedom to queue up at booths and enjoy a sufficient amount of time playing their favourite games. Along with the regular casual form of gaming on the showfloor, gamers participated in competitions across several games. Gamers who had arrived early witnessed a long queue starting at the entrance and ending far away from the main hall. The queue was long enough to confuse onlookers whether people had queued up for another Porcupine Tree concert. With gangs of friends, parents accompanying their kids, and cosplayers showing up, there was no shortage on the diversity of the participants. If you recently came out of a cave and still believe only boys played video games, you would have been forced to believe the other way on seeing the number of girls, who were also gamers, turning up at the event. Certain PC component manufacturers, game retailers and merchandise retailers were also present at the event with their products on display. Gamers couldn’t hold off the urge to buy themselves a new set of gear for their next gaming escapade. A gaming expo gets extra validation points when there’s LAN gaming involved and what better game to have than the age old Counter Strike.

IGX India

Sometimes, gaming isn’t enough to vent out your passion for your favourite protagonists in games (or antagonists if you’re of the dark kind). To fulfill this desire, IGX also conducted a cosplay competition with StrayDog which saw the participation of gamers presenting the best version of their favourite characters. Cosplayers were always ready to pull a pose for a photo and also click selfies. It was really interesting to come across budding cosplayers assembling costumes and building their own props. The sight of parents encouraging their kids to check out the different games was pleasing enough even though their wallets lost some weight after purchasing games.

We really look forward to the second day of IGX since more gamers are expected to show up. The second day will see the next part of the pool for the competitions of Mortal Kombat X and WWE 2K16 where you can expect much less button mashing. There will be another opportunity to showcase your cosplaying ability so, if you can come up with a last-minute costume of your favourite gaming character, make sure you sign up. Also, if you happen to attend the second day, drop by at our booth since we have an interesting activity prepared to test your gaming skills against us. Of course, you’ll win exciting goodies if you do manage to defeat us.

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