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15 Awesome Video Game Easter Eggs

Here are 15 of some of the most memorable Easter eggs we’ve come across in console as well as PC games.

When you think Easter Eggs, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? A magical rabbit hopping about hiding colorful eggs for children to find? I hope not because you’re reading the wrong magazine then. Easter Eggs in this case, usually refers to intentional inside joke, or hidden messages or features that has been put there by the devs or creators. Usually, Easter eggs are references or shout outs to other popular franchises so that they can be easily recognised when they’re found. Other times they’re just some quirky stuff put in there by the creators for fun. And they’re equally fun to find. Here are 15 of some of the most memorable Easter eggs we’ve come across.

Borderlands 2 – Creeper Nest

To find and access the creeper’s nest, you’d need to have completed chapter 9 in the game. This is so you unlock the Caustic Caverns area. Once there, head to the Northwest corner of the map, to an area called the Guardian Ruins. When you get there you’ll notice 2 rail tracks with minecarts on them. If you hadn’t realised what the easter egg referenced to, you should by now. Anyway, head to the end of the track on the right and jump down to the edge to find the entrance to a small cavern. It’s blocked by some dirt blocks. Literal dirt blocks in this case, which you’ll need to smash with your melee attack. Once inside you’ll come across a bunch of creepers. After you kill them all, or they blow up in your face, whichever, you’ll be greeted by a badass creeper. Sooo good luck with that. After you’ve cleaned up you’ll notice the various blocks, including a new kind of block you might not be familiar with if you haven’t played minecraft, i.e., the eridium block. Gold blocks will give you gold, coal blocks will give you ammo, and eridium blocks will give you, you guessed it, eridium. Some blocks will drop a Minecraft skin or head customisation as well, so look out for those.

Easter Eggs - Borderlands 2

Easter Eggs borderlands_2

Grand Theft Auto V – The Thelma and Louise ending

In order to witness GTA V Easter eggs, you’re going to have to meet some very specific requirements. Head to the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness near the Raton Canyon and make sure to do so via helicopter because there’s no other way to see it. Also make sure you do so between 7 to 8 pm. If you meet these requirements you should be able to witness some kind of stand-off on the top of a mountain. If you venture closer you will notice what appears to be a Tornado, which is a car by the way, surrounded by the police and cornered at the edge of a cliff. If you observe carefully enough you’ll notice that there are two women inside the car, with two guitars and a large sombrero sitting in the backseat. As the police slowly approach the vehicle, the women accelerate and drive off the edge and fall to their doom, with a nice explosion, assuming nothing happened to be in the way. If the player or anything happens to be in the way of the Tornado, you’ll be victim to some furious honking till said obstruction has been removed.


Half Life 2 – The Room of Gaben

As ominous as it sounds, it looks twice as ominous. In order to get inside the Room of Gaben, here’s what you need to do. First off, open the dev console, which is traditionally the ~ key, located right below your esc key. Next, type in ‘map c1a1c’ into it. After you load into the map you’ll have to enable cheat codes, which means another code. Put in ‘sv_cheats 1’ to enable cheat codes. Now you type ‘give item_suit’ into the console to get yourself an H.E.V suit. Why do you need the H.E.V suit you ask? Well the flashlight that comes with the suit will be handy since the Room of Gaben is shrouded in darkness. Next, you need to enter the ‘noclip’ command into the console. Once you’re done with all this, head to the large diagonal elevator, turn left and go right through the wall. You’ll notice a black cube in the empty space. Head right into the cube and turn on your flashlight. Tada! Welcome to the Room of Gaben!

Easter Eggs half life 2 gaben

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – The Hatch from Lost and Frostmourne

Out of all the Easter Eggs in this one, for the first Easter egg, in chapter one right after you crash your jeep, head into the temple and take out the goons there. There’s a rather easily noticeable boarded up path which you can easily cut through. Once you head through there and go all the way to the end, you’ll notice a very familiar hatch on the ground. Stand over it and interact with it to unlock the “Found!” achievement along with the description “You found a mysterious hatch”.

x men origin Easter Eggs

So this second Easter egg isn’t too difficult to find either. In chapter 2, look out for a fallen dead tree trunk towards the right. Use it as a bridge and cross over to a ledge, which will lead you into a small cavern. Inside this cavern you’ll find a skeleton and rather familiar artifact right next to it. One that emanates cold and power. How do we know? It’s glowing for one. Also the name “Arthas” is etched on the sword, whoever that is. Interact with it to unlock the “WoW” achievement.

x men origin Easter Eggs

Dead Island – Friday the 13th’s Jason

You can find Jason in his house, adorned with the corpses of his victims. How cheery. To find his house you’d need to find a pathway that’s located just off the main highway, which is across from the Overpass Camp. When you see him, he’ll most likely be somewhat preoccupied with a small horde of undead. Anyway, be prepared for a hard fight if you want to take him on because he’s one tough cookie. He fights with a machete of course, and he’s fast and agile too, capable of dodging melee attacks and being able to out-sprint your character. Anyway if you want to kill him easily, either rush into his house and grab the chainsaw, which will make quick work of him, or just drive there in a car and ram into him a few times. Problem solved.

Easter Eggs - 3-Dead-island-jason

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Final Fantasy XXVII poster

Hey guys, looks like there’s no need to worry. No matter how dark or bleak the future may be, as is the case in the world of Deus Ex, there will still be a Final Fantasy to cheer you up. We shouldn’t really be surprised if the franchise actually does make to title number 27. Let’s not jinx it though. Deus Ex is being published by Square Enix, so I guess they were okay with a little fun being made at their expense. To find the FF XXVII poster, when you first need to meet Pritchard, head to his office as instructed. Once there, look to the left as soon as you enter and you should see the poster there.


Just Cause 2 – Lost Island

So the guys that made Just Cause 2 are clearly big fans of Lost. Why? Because they put the entire Island into the game. You read that right, the entire Island. The mysterious Island is located to the Northwest of the Just Cause 2 map. It’s called Hantu, which literally translates to “ghost” or “demon”. Anyway, if you do decide to fly there by plane be prepared because, well actually there’s no use being prepared, your plane will crash no matter what. The island’s got a strong electromagnetic pulse that destroys any boats or planes that venture too close. Kind of like the Bermuda Triangle. Once on the Island the sky immediately darkens and it starts raining. You can find several references to the Lost series such as the word ‘SEARCH’ written in sand, the hatch and even the smoke monster.

Easter Eggs 4-The_Hatch_in_Just_Cause_2

Uncharted 3 – When they accidentally teased us The Last of Us

Soon after you start Uncharted 3 and get through the bar fight, you can find a newspaper on the bar counter near the dartboard. What we’re looking for here is the headline on the paper, which goes “Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus”. This was reference to the then next title to release by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us. The intention was for these Easter eggs to be seen after The Last of Us was already announced, but since the initial announce date was postponed from June to December, the devs simply forgot about these Easter eggs in the game and didn’t take it out, almost ruining their big reveal.


Halo 4 – Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter

During Mission 6: Shutdown, you can find two marines standing near a forklift in the large loading bay. Your task at the time would be to find a Pelican Dropship, but hold off on that for now. Just chill and hang around these marines for a while. Eventually they should start bantering and you should be able to identify the voices of Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter quite easily.


The Witcher 2 – When you don’t land the leap

During the prologue of the Witcher 2, you may come across a body on the ground, clad in a familiar white outfit. It would appear that the body had fallen from a great height into a cart full of hay and died. How absurd, why would anyone jump from that height? Anyway, Geralt seems to share our thoughts as he mutters “Guess they’ll never learn”. And you also get a +1 to your assassination attribute. Huh.

Easter Eggs 5-maxresdefault-(1)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Jar Jar Binks got what was coming

Head over to Ozzik Sturn’s trophy room, which you can find in Imperial occupied Kashyyk. Once there, roam around for a bit, take in the sights. You should come across a Jar Jar Binks, frozen in carbonite. This Jar Jar Binks was supposedly a gesture to a fan-made version of the same, which is now located at the Letterman Digital Arts Center.


Far Cry 3 – What’s Abstergo doing here?!

During one of the “Lost Expeditions” levels, around the centre of the map at coordinates (x:-609,y:654), you can see Jason Brody walk into a room and pick up a file folder. You’ll notice that the folder has the Abstergo logo on it. For those of you who don’t know, Abstergo is the company run by the Templars in Assassin’s Creed. You can find many such Abstergo logos throughout the mission. As you progress further into the mission you’re given a letter by one of the inhabitants of the compound. This letter hints at the search attempts to uncover the Pieces of Eden, and also gives you an access code, which is 122112. Which could be further deciphered as the 12th of December 2012, the predicted date of the apocalypse by the Mayans. Which also happens to play a key role in the Assassin’s Creed storyline.

Easter Eggs 6-W7ZAP

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos – Hiding Hydralisk

During the Daughters of the Moon mission in Reign of Chaos, you have the opportunity to recruit a Hydralisk to your side. The Hydralisk as you know is of the Starcraft universe. This was also the first look we get a 3D rendered model of a starcraft unit. Starcraft II didn’t release for a whole 8 years so this was pretty exciting for fans of the franchise. This Hydralisk is hidden in a forest North of the final undead camp, and to get to it you need to clear the trees with the ballistae you get during the mission.


Hitman: Absolution -Beware of Ice Cream trucks

During the End of the Road mission, you’ll notice a total of five vultures in the vicinity. Now in order for this to work, you need to run towards them to get them to take off. Once they’re airborne, shoot them down. Now to the Southwest of the car, in the distance, you should notice an ice cream truck fast approaching. If Lenny happens to be alive, well, he’s going to step right into the truck’s path. And that doesn’t end too well for him.


Fallout: New Vegas -Fridge’s aren’t safe

In Fallout: New Vegas there’s a trait called Wild Wasteland. What this trait does is it adds, and in some cases, changes the encounters that the courier might come across. One such encounter can be seen slightly Southeast of Goodsprings. There’s a refrigerator along the road that leads out of town, inside of which you can find a curled up skeleton, and a Suave gambler hat. If one might recall, Indiana Jones tries something similar in the Kingdom of the Crystal skull, wherein he survives a nuclear explosion by climbing into a fridge. Clearly these guys thought nobody should’ve been able to survive that and we’re somewhat inclined to agree.


Got more easter eggs?

Well put ’em easter eggs down in the comments sections and we might just feature ’em in the next compilation!

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