Yesterday, PS2 online officially died

April 1, 2016 — by Jayesh "Big Daddy" Shinde0



Yesterday, PS2 online officially died

April 1, 2016 — by Jayesh "Big Daddy" Shinde0

RIP Playstation 2.

With its manufacturing officially discontinued by Sony in December 2012, the venerable Playstation 2 gaming console’s last online bastion was finally breached and destroyed last night. There were no survivors, according to several online reports. Only sentimental sniffles expressed by grey-haired gamers fondly remembering a long forgotten era.


How did it all happen? Everyone’s favourite MMO, Final Fantasy XI – a gaming spectacle first launched all the way back in 2002 for the PC and PS2 – finally shut down the online servers for the game’s PS2 and Xbox editions last night on March 31, 2016. While the game’s online avatar survives in all its PC glory, it was officially the last remaining server as far as Playstation 2 was concerned, thus ending a 14 year old gaming love affair.

Boo hoo!

First released in March 2000, the much-beloved Playstation 2 still remains the most sold gaming console in the history of gaming, with over 155 million units sold in all corners of the world. A stalwart of the gaming arena, with several glittering accomplishments to its credit, the PS2 fought off competition from SEGA’s DreamCast, Nintendo’s GameCube, and the first Microsoft Xbox gaming console. It’s been in existence for over 16 years now. But the sun finally had to set on this epic console gaming adventure from Sony.

Cry no more. As the PS2 now signs off from all official (online) gaming engagements, and starts becoming an intimately cared for gadget of private gaming sessions, it’s time to salute the stalwart Sony gaming console’s legacy!

We love you PS2. And we won’t ever forget you! *sniff*

NOTE: Shame on you for thinking this is an April Fool’s joke!!!



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