WWE 2K15: Not An Epic Bout!

November 12, 2014 — by Jayesh "Big Daddy" Shinde0



WWE 2K15: Not An Epic Bout!

November 12, 2014 — by Jayesh "Big Daddy" Shinde0

This game continues to be high on slam, bam, wham – the staple of fighting or arena-based combat games – but that’s about it. It’s a hit and miss even for the most hardcore WWE fans dating back to the good old WWF days. Here’s why...

It’s hard not to be excited to play a brand new game. Especially an action-packed title like the WWE franchise, something that we’ve all grown up watching through the years, in India and around the world. However, the thing with annual game refreshes – like FIFA, WWE, Madden, etc. – is that there’s a very real possibility of any given year’s release to be unflattering (due to various reasons). We’ve seen it before, and we’ll continue to see this in the future as well. Unfortunately, with 2K15, the WWE game franchise seems to have hit a trough this year after the overwhelming highs of last year’s 2K14 – this is true at least for the previous gen console editions of the game, which is the one we reviewed and tested. It’s a bit of a mixed bag.

“Behind the flimsy veneer of WWE’s latest game is the overwhelming remnant of last year’s paint job, still shining magnificently.”

Precious little has changed in 2K15 from last year’s title, and it won’t be harsh to say that 2K has left PS3 and Xbox 360 owners out on their own amidst the polar vortex. Behind the flimsy veneer of WWE’s latest game is the overwhelming remnant of last year’s paint job, still shining magnificently. Almost nothing seems to have changed or evolved from last year – right from superstar wrestler intros to in-game physics or the mechanics of the control. There are very few changes you’d notice. Much of the legends of the game featured last year are missing in this latest edition of WWE 2K15 as the wrestling roster’s watered down to include more modern superstars and marquee players. That’s bad news for veteran fans of the franchise. Also someone who likes to get their hands dirty by diving into the customization option of the game is in for a disappointment as the ability to craft special moves and story tweaks are glaring omissions. Not to mention this year’s 2K Showcase mode bites the dust in comparison to last year’s Wrestlemania.

Then what is the need to buy the current title?

Not everything is bad in WWE 2K15. For example, the in-menu soundtrack still keeps you engrossed, more than the gameplay at times – fans of hard rock and heavy metal are in for an aural treat. While 2K Showcase pales in front of Wrestlemania, it still has its moments for younger fans of the franchise who get to reprise the rivalries between John Cena and CM Punk, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Cut-scenes, real ringside footage and commentary titbits reveal the feuds between these four pretty well, if you care about any of these stars. Another minor highlight of 2K15 is its Who Got NXT Mode, which is exclusive to PS3/X360 version of the game. If you’re unfamiliar with NXT, it’s difficult for you to get sucked into this, but it’s a nice roster of five upcoming wrestlers, each contesting four bouts to finally have a shot to play against John Cena.


But deep down, it’s hard to run away from the reality that this game isn’t any different from last year’s to justify its price tag. One gets the feeling that PS3/X360 users have been served stale kimchi while PS4/XOne users will shortly be served a delicious sizzler. This game just doesn’t add up. Sure, fans of the franchise will want to complete their title collection, but if you’re even slightly apprehensive after reading this review about how good the game is, save your money while you still can.

WWE 2K15: Not An Epic Bout!
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