Is the Xbox 360 or PS3 console still a sensible buy?

February 8, 2016 — by Sameer "Psycho Mantis" Mitha1



Is the Xbox 360 or PS3 console still a sensible buy?

February 8, 2016 — by Sameer "Psycho Mantis" Mitha1

If your gaming curiosity extends beyond the smartphone gaming scene, there are only two options for you to consider: either you pick up a console that has a lifespan of almost a decade or you invest in a PC that requires upgrades every few years to be able to play the latest games at maximum settings. Before you get pitchforks out, yes we’ll be the first to admit that even on the console side your graphic detail for the games released towards the end of the console’s life cycle will be scaled down.


But you have to admit there’s a certain amount of “buy and forget” convenience. The consoles vs PC debate is a never-ending one and that’s not the point of this particular piece. Today we will try to justify the purchase of a console that is nearly a decade old. Does it make sense to purchase an Xbox 360 or a PS3 in mind that the consoles are nearly a decade old. Nonetheless, we have five reason why we think it makes sense to pick up an Xbox 360 or a PS3.


A PS4 today costs roughly Rs.32,990 and an Xbox One starts at about Rs.34,990 approx. That’s a lot of money! Not to mention the fact that a brand new AAA game will set you back Rs.4,000 or Rs.3,500 approx. So unless you can afford the crème de la crème you may want to consider your options. A PS3 with 12GB storage has an MRP of Rs.16,990 approx. So you can get it cheaper in offline retail outlets, especially if you know where to look. Similarly, the Xbox 360 is available for Rs.12,990 for the 4GB variant with one game free. Both consoles are available in higher storage variants, but you can upgrade the HDD after purchase, so if you are on a budget, you know the best price at which you can get a PS3 and an Xbox 360.

Compared to the current gen consoles the last generation consoles are quite economical and a great option especially if it’s to be your first ginger step into the console world.

console Games library

The games library of the PS3 and Xbox 360 is huge! To put things into perspective think about the fact that games released from say 2007 to those released as recently as 2015 are available for you to binge play if you invest in any of these old consoles. You don’t have to wait like I did from 2007 to 2011 to play the  Uncharted trilogy. You don’t even have to pay full price. All these games are available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 today for a fraction of the price. Uncharted 3 is available for Rs.925 on as of writing this article and Gears of War 3 is available for Rs.1,299 on Did we mention that remastered versions of these trilogies are selling on the PS4 and Xbox One for Rs.3,500 approx.?

Console Xbox 360 or PS 3

A lot of games that defined the PS3 and Xbox 360 are selling at full retail on the PS4 and Xbox One in their remastered avatar. These include the Last of Us, Halo 1 to 4, Tomb Raider, DmC, Dishonoured, Gears of War, Uncharted and more. So if you think about it, you will be playing some of the same games that current console generation gamers are playing, at a fraction of the price. Rise of the Tomb Raider, a timed Xbox Exclusive will be available for both, the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

Yes, you can argue that the new AAA games releasing aren’t available on the last console generation, but then again, if you consider the library on offer, it will take you a few years to run through the best games that launched on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Online Plans

Both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 support online gaming and have subscriptions that give you free games each month. If you are a PlayStation Plus member or a subscriber of Xbox Live Gold, you will have access to free games each month. Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 are old consoles, the library of free games on offer is pretty good. Also, if you are comfortable buying games digitally, you can get some games at a great discount if you are a PS Plus or an Xbox Live Gold member.

Console Xbox 360 or PS3 Xbox Live PS4

A PS Plus subscription for one month will cost you Rs. 576 approx. where as Xbox Live Gold subscription will cost you Rs.450 approx. per month.

Home entertainment

Did we mention the PS3 has a Blu-ray player? Or that you can stream content over a local network to either of the consoles? Or that you can play movies, music and pictures from a USB drive on the console? Yes, both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 act as the ideal entertainment boxes to sit under your TV. The consoles support Plex as well. With the launch of Netflix in India, you will be able to subscribe to the service and enjoy it from the comfort of the PS3 and Xbox 360 via the downloadable app.

Motion Gaming

We agree we might be pushing it by adding motion gaming to this list, but if you’ve tried it, you know it’s fun! The PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect have a small library of games, but they are fun especially when you have a few friends over who are non-gamers. Motion gaming is a great family experience too.

So there you have it. Do you agree? Already drafting hate mail? No issues, we’ll have a certain Octogenarian deal with you.



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