Grand Theft Auto V: PS4 and Xbox One edition

December 25, 2014 — by Videep "Fr4k" Vijay Kumar0



Grand Theft Auto V: PS4 and Xbox One edition

December 25, 2014 — by Videep "Fr4k" Vijay Kumar0

The graphics overhaul and additional content makes GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One the definitive version of the game

Enough has already been said about Grand Theft Auto V. If you owned a previous gen console, chances are that you’ve already spent more than your fair share of time exploring Los Santos and Blaine County. But if you didn’t get the chance to do it a year-and-a-half ago, Rockstar Games has been kind enough to put together the best GTA V package that money can buy (until the PC version rolls along, presumably). For the price of Rs.2,799 (PS4 Digital) or Rs.3,499 (Xbox One digital and PS4/Xbox One physical), you will be presented with the opportunity to do it all over again, and in style, too.

Quite the view

The graphics overhaul is really something. Not only has the resolution been amped up to a crisp 1080p, draw distances have been greatly increased, while density of all objects (pedestrians, vehicles, foliage, wildlife) is significantly higher than in last year’s version. The visual upgrade appears to truly leverage the hardware of present gen consoles, and will be instantly apparent—even to the undiscerning eye. Simply put, Los Santos has never looked this good. I would strongly recommend stealing an airplane or helicopter (this is GTA, after all) from your nearest airfield and take in the breath-taking visuals. The first-person mode, on the other hand, is icing on the cake.

GTA V now lets you play all of the game through the eyes of Franklin, Michael, Trevor and Barcode Babu (that’s my GTA online character, in case you were wondering) in first-person mode. At first, this can be off-putting, and requires a little bit of tweaking to get the most out of it. First, I would recommend using the ‘traditional FPS’ control scheme, maximising field of view (FOV), using ‘Free Aim – Assisted’ instead of fully assisted aim, disabling the tumble/roll animation and forcing third-person view while in cover. Do this and GTA V will look and feel more like a traditional FPS while making it infinitely more playable. Playing the game in first person is a whole new experience—not only does it manage to showcase a crazy amount of detail (individually labelled surveillance tapes in Lester’s house, for instance), it makes the game so much more personal. You can be forgiven for forgetting which character you’re controlling (although Trevor’s ink is a dead giveaway) because of the first person mode’s immersiveness.

If it ain’t broke…

The gameplay remains predictably unaltered except for the control tweaks required to accommodate the first person mode (both on foot, and in vehicles). Similarly unchanged for the most part is GTA Online, which supposedly sports better net code now (in addition to an increased player count of 30 per game-world instance), but remains as inaccessible as it was earlier—with a tedious tutorial and sub-par lobby system. This is shame because GTA Online can offer some of the best multiplayer you will play this year. However, for the inclined, this isn’t going to pose much of a problem. The only notable additions are included DLC content (‘High Life’), vehicles, character customization options and weapons.

Strangers and freaks

If you’ve played GTA V and presently own a PS4 or Xbox One, the reissue is your chance to do the heists (arguably the high point of GTA V) all over again in the opposite approach, experience the new and improved Los Santos in first person, and obviously play as animals after sending your character on a virtual drug-induced hallucinogenic trip. On the other hand, if you’re one of those who hasn’t played GTA V, I can’t think of a better time to play it, or a better version to recommend. Go get it. Now.

Grand Theft Auto V: PS4 and Xbox One edition
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