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Four Sided Fantasy Review

Started off as a kickstarter project, Four Sided Fantasy is a 2D sidescroller puzzle game that tests the limits of your imagination and is now live on Steam

Four Sided Fantasy is a 2D sidescroller puzzle game that will test the limits of your imagination. They weren’t kidding when they said four sided, you’ll definitely be making use of all four sides. What started off as a Kickstarter project is now live on Steam.

Now we wouldn’t be the first to tell you that there’s dozens of puzzle games out there, on Steam, on Kickstarter, you name it. And at first glance, Four Sided Fantasy appears like one of the pack, just another 2D puzzler where you need to get from point A to point B. But what we played was a unique game, a cut above the rest, and a pleasant surprise for us.
Four Sided Fantasy, in their own words, is a game about “pushing the limits of the screen.” With the press of a button, you can wrap the screen, allowing you to emerge from the left when you go right, and fall from the ceiling with you jump into a pit and vice versa. Yes you can endlessly keep falling like in Portal, we tried.


You play as a man and a woman who are desperately trying to reach each other but can’t, because every time you wrap through the boundary of the screen you emerge as the other. So close but yet so far. #feelsbadman

The controls are very simple. There’s the one key that you have to hold down which freezes the frame and allows you wrap, which is the ‘ctrl’ key by default, and then there’s the movement keys, for which you can use ‘w, a, s, d’ or even the arrow keys. You can use spacebar for jump as well and the game supports controller.

Four Sided Fantasy Review

The game progress through the seasons of the year and each season represents a stage or level. Just as you begin to get comfortable with how the mechanics of one level works, the next season changes the rules and challenges your perception by presenting a new way to push the limits of your screen. The changes can be quite mind boggling at first and you need to get used to the mechanic all over again, which is great fun.

Solving puzzles can be fairly easy, and some can be downright mind-boggling. You’ll have to do some serious thinking to solve them, or like us, cross your fingers and hope for best as you jump off some ledge or into some pit. That didn’t work for us 95 percent of the time though.
Once you manage to successfully finish the game (we did it in one sitting, it’s that enthralling) you unlock the New Game+ mode, which is pretty much the same levels, but with different backgrounds. Which isn’t so bad considering how good they look.

During our playthrough we hardly encountered any technical difficulties, the transition between backgrounds and levels was smooth and the gameplay was fluid all the way to the end. Our only complaint would be that we couldn’t enjoy more of it, as it’s a pretty short game. Maybe they’ll add more levels in the future? We can only hope.

Developer: Ludo Land
Publisher: Serenity Forge
Price: Rs.369/-

Graphics and Sound

This game is gorgeous. It’s minimalistically done but beautifully so, the accompanying music is also good and goes very well with the game. It has a very charming appeal to it, one would definitely enjoy the game even more thanks to the amazing artwork and the music. The artwork is beautiful and simplistic, and represents the changing seasons tastefully. Along with special effects – such as the glowing particles for one – it gives off a very pleasant overall aesthetic. It’s not too graphic intensive and you don’t need a beefy rig to be able to play this beauty.

Four Sided Fantasy Verdict

Four Sided Fantasy is a great, albeit short, puzzle game which isn’t too hard on your pockets at the Rs.369 price tag. In addition to the amazing artwork and the music, the game is truly a treat for fans of sidescroller puzzle games in general.

Four Sided Fantasy Review
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