Someone finished Bloodborne in under 40 minutes!

April 2, 2015 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0

Bloodborne speedrunner smashes all records!

Released not more than a couple of weeks ago, Bloodborne has already been beaten in under 42 minutes in real time (less than 37 minutes for in-game time). This is currently a world record, held by player and YouTube user Oginam_tv. The speedrun falls under the “any” category of the speedrun parlance, which is essentially a default mode without any additional completion requirements. Reported by Kotaku, the speedrun by the same player was completed in 44 minutes earlier and now he has beaten his own time.

Players have been trying to find glitches and bugs in Bloodborne and have already found a few that make it easier to defeat the bosses. Oginam_tv took advantage of the item duplication glitch and a silly jumping over the fence trick to finish the game faster. His first speedrun had an AI glitch that affected bosses and enemies, where restarting the game solved the problem. These errors will probably be patched by From Software soon, and eventually the players and especially speedrunners will find better ways to defeat those difficult bosses without the need of any sneaky tricks.



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