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BundleStars’ Diamond Bundle, for the 8-bit gamer

August 25, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

A Bundle packed with indie gaming goodness!

Fan of 8-bit gaming? Love pixel art and retro tunes? Of course you do! We all do! Bundle Stars has just the bundle for us. Introducing the Diamond Bundle! A bundle packed with some great indie games to tickle your retro bone.

The Diamond Bundle features 10 indie games – all of which can be instantly redeemable on Steam – and it will also be the first time any of these titles are appearing in a bundle! By grabbing the Diamond Bundle for yourself you save a whopping 96% off the normal retail price! That’s right, you can grab the entire bundle for just $2.99 (Rs. 200 approx), instead of the retail price of $71.90 (Rs. 4800 approx).

The Diamond Bundle features games that would appeal to fans of any of the retro genres.

We have Dungeon Escape, for the hardcore 2D platformer Super Meat Boy fans.

Dino Run DX is a sidescroller where you steer a Velociraptor, need we say more?

Also included in the bundle is KWAAN, where you attempt to sustain an ecosystem of flora and fauna.

For the space shoot-em-up and resource trading enthusiasts there’s Zotrix.

Then we have the Gremlins-inspired survive through the night game Night Blights.

Rediscover the memories of an astronaut in Laserlife while enjoying some great visuals and music.

Into simple, yet challenging platformers? The Diamond Bundle’s got you covered with HardCube.

There’s Kiai Resonance for those who enjoy 2D arcade-style fighters – with a touch of Samurai.

Colonize and secure a new world in Rebirth of Island.

Lastly, we have There Was a Caveman, a prehistoric themed action platformer.

All of these titles are redeemable on Steam, all you need is a Steam account. The Diamond Bundle is available for 2 weeks only – Till the 7th of September – and is only up for grabs on Bundle Stars. Grab it while you can!



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